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Meet The Team

We have a phenomenal team of cycling aficionados who have an unparalleled passion for serving the cycling community.  Sales, service, fitting, diagnosing, teaching, support, etc...we're here for it all!  

Stephen Crewe

COO / Owner

"El Jefe"

Habla Español

Jay Jackson

General Manager

"Pop of the Shop"

Bike Fitter

Richard Ryder

Service Manager

Vegan, loves jokes, and appreciates nice hair.

  • Yoshi Yoshida

Assistant Manager

"The Wheel Whisperer"

Habla Español

Cameron Klussman


"Mr. Helpful"

Russell Stalzer


Retired and Ripped

Dario Garrido


Former Boxer

Habla Español

Tom Mahone


Straight Shooter - No Filter

Todd Cummins


EMT/Fire Certified...maybe he saved your life once?